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Thread: Pumping irregular

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    Question Pumping irregular

    my DD is 2 months 4 weeks today -- i returned to work 2 weeks ago and i am having problems sticking to a regular pumping schedule, the reason for this is- i do troubleshooting issues at work and can go 5-6 hours without pumping, but when i pump i get at least 12oz combined. I would like to continue feeding LO EM but i am scared that i could be sabotaging my supply with the schedule i have and not keeping up with a regular pumping schedule.

    LO is home and i leave 16oz of EM -- most often she finishes all teh milk.

    Feeding/pumping schedule:
    6ish -- LO feeds on one side and sleeps
    10:30am -- pump both sides -- 12oz combined
    1pm -- pump both sides -- 8oz combined
    5:30is -- feed little one (sometimes both sides sometimes one side depending on last bottle feeding)
    7:ish feed 1 side
    9 -- feed 1 side
    2am -- feed 1 side

    I do alternate sides -- but i favor the right side more
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Hi There!!

    I also have issue sticking to a regular schedule when i pump at work due to meetings, and calls, etc...

    i try to pump within widows each day to better meet goals
    for instance i try to pump between 9:30 and 10:30 each morning
    and between 2:30 and 3:30 each day
    in the early weeks when i was really worried i would also try to fit in a third session at lunch. my lo took approx 16 oz each day while i was at work and it was very hard to keep up, now we do great, your body will even out as long as you keep some consistency like the 'window' approach.

    one difference between your sched and mine is that my lo will feed both breasts at each feeding, you could try to pump the opposite side when he is feeding or immediately after if you are worried and want to try and get ahead of his demand....for me i stayed up 2 hours after my son went to sleep for 1 extra double pump session my lo also was sleeping through the night so i felt comfortable doing this...

    it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job already, keep up the good work mama!!
    Moma to *Silas* 10-30-07

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    Default Re: Pumping irregular

    thanks for that advice, i will try pumping the one she does not feed on. I heard a scare, i pumped on Saturday and got 1oz on bith sides, i was freaking out --

    I have also noticed that the nipples are dry now -- i have started applying the nipple cream but wondering what effect it will have with teh stored milk.

    Thank you

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