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Thread: many diet restrictions due to eczema - should I switch to formula?

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    Default Re: many diet restrictions due to eczema - should I switch to formula?

    First off, don't blame yourself. You have been providing your child with the best nourishment possible. I know it is hard not to blame yourself because I have done the same. My son is allergic to milk and wheat We figured out the milk at 4 months but did not figure out the wheat until 14 months and I had already weaned him.

    In the future, you will change what you do and that is what you can focus on. I have been allergen free for almost 6 months now. I started the diet at the beginning of my 3rd trimester and will stay this way until she is 6 months. We will then go very slowly on introducing foods. That is not until we go to the allergist on her 6 month birthday. They are going to do her scratch test that day. You really should meet with an allergist and get your lo tested. What I have found is that pediatricians think they understand all of this but specialist really should be seen. I agree that you should also meet with a dermatologist. I also disagree with your doctor about infants not getting excezema from external factors.

    Keep up the great job with the diet. I understand how hard it is. There are foods that you can eat like Rice Chex which are now gluten free. My treats are marshmallows and Mike n Ikes. I also like Walmart's jelly beans. I have a sweet tooth issue. I have some info on http://www.allergenfree.blogspot.com/ about safe foods. Check it out.
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    Carlie 4/3/08 - bf - Allergic to milk determined by allergy testing. Adding wheat, egg, & soy to my diet.
    Allergen free diet until 6 months. No gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, treenuts, seafood, and fish for mommy as a preventative.
    Birth - 9lbs. 1oz., 20 1/2"
    6 months - 19lbs. 15oz.

    Peter 8/31/05 - bf/ebf until 14 months, was allergic to wheat and milk but outgrown these allergies. Eczema brought on by berries.

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    Default Re: many diet restrictions due to eczema - should I switch to formula?

    We do have a dog and recently there has been a lot of pollen, but the pediatrician said that infants under 1 yr old do not have eczema because of external environmental factors.
    I know for a FACT that I've seen several infants (I was a nanny) who had excema flare ups due to soap, cleaners being used in the home, air freshners, lotions, perfumes, animals, etc.
    One family had to have their baby leave the house for several hours to even do most cleaning. They also had to use "hypoallergenic" fragrance and dye free EVERYTHING in their home for everyone. That means all clothes/towels in the home had to be washed in the special detergent and double rinsed. Including using natural cleaners (vinegar and water solution, baking soda) instead of other chemicals.
    Mom to Laura (3/1/06)

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