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Thread: A little concerned...

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    Default A little concerned...

    I laid my 5 month old down at 5:15 for what I thought would be a nap, but she is still asleep 5 hrs later! She woke up to eat at 7:00 and fell right asleep. I went in there at 9 to "accidentally" wake her up, so I changed her diaper and she was just not waking up. So I feed her and put her back down. We were at the pool today, could that have made her this tired? Her normal bedtime is anywhere from 830-930. Does this sound normal? I am afraid she is going to wake up at 3am up and ready for the day.

    Her pee diapers haven't been good today either. When I changed her at 9pm, it felt like she only had peed once since 5pm. It is normally pretty full in 4 hrs. Is it possible she got to hot today?

    We are leaving for the beach tomorrow and don't want this to happen while we are there, especially because I don't feel like it is healthy. Any beach advice with an infant?

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    how was she acting before you put her down? what was her diaper output earlier in the day? is she running a fever? just over a cold?
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    It could be just a normal fluctuation thing, where she's growing, or tired from the pool today. As long as she's still eating like normal, then it should be ok.

    If you think that her wet diapers are not like normal, make sure she's eating plenty when tomorrow, especially if you're going to be outside in the heat and humidity. Our bodies are pretty awesome about stuff like this; your breast milk will have a higher concentration of water in it than normal, to compensate for the differences you're feeling. So she'll get the fluids she needs, as long as she keeps nursing.

    Have a good time at the beach!
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    I think your lo is probley one tuckered out baby..... I always noticed my Lo slept longer and alot more during a growing spurt too!! Just makes sure she is getting plenty to eat tomorrow and has a shaded place to hang out... and have fun.. I took my lo to the beach all the time last year I tell you those pop up sun shades are the bomb to have.... Jus remeber the sun takes alot out of you so stay hydrated especially while nursing....
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