I have an 8 month dd, who started out with hands foot and mouth at the first of June. Then she had an ear infection as a secondary to that, then the antibiotics from that caused the thrush. She has had a second round of the Nystatin, that hasn't worked. She has cut one tooth and is working on the second on. She has an appointment tomorrow (she has also started running a fever last night) for the doctor. Needless to say this has been a rough month.
She has started arching her back and screaming when I offer the breast to her. She does nurse quite a bit during the night, and I try to encourage it. I have tried to make her a priority, with letting her have "free access" when ever she wants or shows any sign of wanting to nurse. But then she nurses just a second and pulls off screaming.
I stopped the nystatin ( I know bad me) but she was screaming bloody murder when would come near her with it. Now she won't let you get near her mouth at all. I was afraid I was going to hurt her and it wasn't getting any better. I am using the cream on my nipples. Oh did I mention that I have shooting pain and my breast feel like they are on fire.

I have read the other thrush threads too, and will ask about the other meds I more have no idea what to do about the strike. I also have a 2 yr boy. Should I cut back on the solids so that she will be hungry more to get her to nurse some more. I know she needs it? What do I do if she does wean this early? I nursed ds until he was 16 months