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Thread: wanting to wean by 14 months

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    Default wanting to wean by 14 months

    i have a 10 month old who is nursing 5-7 times a day. im going to have to go back to work soon and i want to wean her from the breast by the time she is 12-14months. im just not sure how to do this. any ideas? should i start dropping sessions now or is it too early? how many times does a 10 mo old need to nurse in a day?

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    Default Re: wanting to wean by 14 months

    For her nutrition, I'd suggest waiting until at least 12 mos. and when she's taking in a really wide variety of solids and other beverages and calcium and vitamin D rich foods b4 U start, If you can wait that long anyway.

    After that point, I'd suggest a gentle approach where you eliminate one session at a time, slowly. Start with the least favorite session, and eliminate it and after time has passed and she adjusts and you do too, to the lower milk supply, you can try eliminating another session.

    One thing to keep in mind though, is that even though you have to go back to work, you could continue breastfeeding b4 and/or after work and she could have solids and other beverages while you're away at work if you wanted to. Toddlers still get tons of benefits from breastmilk, as it continues to be very good for them for years after the 12 mos. mark.

    U know U'r sitch and needs best though, I just wanted you to know that you can continue if you wanted to, even after you go back to work.

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