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    So I am going to be weaning off the breast in about 2 or 3 months when ds is a year old, and providing BM in a cup as needed. How do you comfort and nto give the breast at the same time? What do I do if he is not having any easy time with this? At almost 10 mth now he does know the "boobs" and knows what he gets from them and he loves it. But for sake of my marriage and all that I hav eto wean. But I want to give BM in a cup and steer clear from Formula and/or cows milk if I can. Anyone tried Soy or rice and had issues?? Need help

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    So you will keep pumping thing? Good for you!!!

    I had to wean my son earlier then I wanted to... I weaned him 1 session every 7 days. It seem to really help. The PM session was the hardest but I think we are getting better!

    That's all the help I have for ya... I'm sure others will be on to help out.

    much luck!

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    This article gives tips on weaning. http://www.llli.org/FAQ/weanhowto.html
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    I tried soy and rice milk and had no problems with it at all.. She prefered soy to rice..... but yeah for you for still pumping.....
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