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    I have a 26 month old who nurses before nap and bedtime and first thing in the morning.

    We have successfully cut the bedtime nursing just by saying no and letting him cry and comforting him with backrubs and hugs. This is day 3, so it could be premature, but this is what we're doing going forward.

    I want to wean slowly so I'm still going to allow him to nurse before naptime and early morning.

    How soon can I stop nursing him before naptime and not suffer engorgement? For now, even without nursing him at night, I suffer no engorgement at all. Convinces me that it's time (no more milk?) to wean.

    And as long as we're there to comfort him, is it okay to say NO to nursing?

    Am I doing it right?

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    I don't think there is a line of right or wrong I know this site has some great references on how to wean.... when I ended up weaning we took out the night one out first by changing her routine we never told her no.. She took a bath and cuddled daddy and then daddy put her to bed not me... and it worked very well.. then for midday I would feed her lunch hang out a bit and then lay her down to sleep.. that one took a little longer than night.. I never engored I think since it was done so slowly, I never noticed.... then she just stopped nursing one morning and we were done.. It was a about 3 months and I had no intendtion really of ending it completly but she had other plans...
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    There's no perfect way to wean, the best way to do it is the way that works best for both you and your child. This may mean that the process may seem to go backwards some days, and move along great other times. When weaning does happen, it's best to take it slowly, to allow both the child to adjust to the change, and to allow mother's body to adjust to the change.

    This link has lots of great info on weaning. http://www.llli.org/NB/NBweaning.html
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