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Thread: Days and Nights mixed up?

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    Default Days and Nights mixed up?

    my 3 month old dd is battling her second bout of thrush. we're one week into treatment however with one problem at night she feeds every 2 hours but during the day she feeds ever 3 or 4 sometimes. How do i flip the feeding patters? If i try to encourage her to eat before she's ready she will bite as hard as she can as soon as i've put my breast in her mouth as well during the night she'll feed wonderfully off of both breasts. during the day however she will often only take one. Any suggestions??
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    Are you being treated as well?
    Do you work?

    Though it's reasonable to want to flip that pattern it may not be within the baby's 'ability' at this time...

    But you can check out this link about reverse cycling, as well as this one regarding sleeping through the night to see if they offer any helpful info
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    Default Re: Days and Nights mixed up?

    We battled the same issue with our LO and, honestly, nothing we did worked to change her sleep and eating patterns. We just had to wait it out until magically, one night, she went to sleep at 8pm and got up at 8am with two feedings inbetween. She now eats more often during the day, sometimes even just one hour apart in the evening.

    Hang in there. It'll change!
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