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Thread: personalized online growth chart

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    Default personalized online growth chart

    for anyone who is interested. It's a growth chart where you can plot the weight/length of your infant/toddler. I like it because you can save it and add to it, instead of putting in all of the numbers every time. I use it as a "guide" only but it's a bit of fun Personalized growth chart

    The data used in these new charts was collected from both breastfeeding and formula feeding infants in the U.S.A. The breakdown of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding is similar to the number of infants who are breastfed vs. formula fed in the US, making these growth charts appropriate as assessment tools for both groups of infants. It is helpful to know that breastfed infants grow differently than formula fed infants. Exclusively breastfed infants usually gain weight more quickly than formula fed infants for the first few months of life. However, from 6-12 months the weight gain of the breastfed infants is less than formula fed infants.

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    Default Re: personalized online growth chart

    Thanks for that, I love it. I am sure I will find it very interesting. B/c in the UK we still have the same old growth chart from 40 years ago and it's based on formula fed babies and that's not very fair is it?!! It puts a lot of pressure on BFing mums to give up EBF and FF instead, b/c they thought they were failing. I have been lucky. The NHS are supposed to be updating the chart and having a BFing one as well, when I don't know!

    I had a lot of drama from my HV when my DD1 weight curve started to drop at 7 mths even though she's gone passed her original birth weight line by 2 lines anyway! According to me there was nothing wrong at all, my DD1 was just settling down back on her original birth weight line, the line she was supposed to be following anyway! The solids (these were high in fat and calories as advised by my HV) were just still lower in calories than the BM my DD1 loved to drink (literally all the time!). And, in fact I thought DD1 was putting on too much weight with my BM before she was on solids, not that there's nothing wrong with that either!

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    Default Re: personalized online growth chart

    Thanks for sharing!!
    This is really neat, it's much better than graph paper charting.
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    Default Re: personalized online growth chart

    Thanks for sharing.
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