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Thread: 14 mth old will not eat food-only nurse

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    Default 14 mth old will not eat food-only nurse

    Does anyone else's toddler refuse to eat / drink? My 14 month old has never wanted to eat solids, she would rather nurse. I can get a spoonful of food in her mouth occasionally, she won't self feed, and wont take a sippy/cup (I know she can drink from it--she chooses not to). Honestly, I am more worried about the sippy because of the fluids.

    I have tried using my husband to give her a cup and/or food and that doesn't work. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: 14 mth old will not eat food-only nurse

    I only have one and he is 7 months so I dont know how much help I will be but.... did you try to put tiny pieces of food in front of her and just leave it? Maybe over time she will start to "explore" like her toys and put into her mouth?

    good luck!

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    Default Re: 14 mth old will not eat food-only nurse

    Are there other LOs around that yours could spend meal time time with? I've noticed that my 15mo will copy other kids and is always more interested in their snacks, not his own. It might be your lo will be jealous of another drinking from a sippy cup, or a crazy straw (I think thats what they are called- the ones that do loop de loops).

    Good luck, it must be very frustrating.
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