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Thread: need help fast - sudden drop in production...

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    Unhappy need help fast - sudden drop in production...

    I just signed up on LLL this evening. Was in tears an hour ago over a sudden drop in production (over past two days). Here are the particulars...

    Had a bout of mastitis approx 10 days ago that appeared to resolve after a few days getting lots of rest and frequent nursing and pumping. I was wrong. Came back 3 days ago with a vengeance (fever, chills, sweats, body aches, headache and unbelievably painful breasts). called my OB yesterday and got a script for antibiotics (amoxicillan) that I started today. Also went to see my OB who ordered an ultrasound (to rule out an absess), but couldn't get in for this today (lab was booked). I am feeling much better today, but milk supply (as evidenced by the amount I am able to pump after nursing), which I had feared was diminishing, has slowed to a near-trickle. Tonight after nursing I was only able to pump 1/4 oz. Hence the tears! I actually gave my husband a bottle with 1 oz. of formula to supplement my last feeding because son Noah, 6 weeks, was clearly still hungry. He took 1/2 oz. and fell asleep.

    In laws also visiting during this time and not entirely supportive of bf'ing, so emotional duress as well.

    Noah (6 weeks) is our second baby. Nate (4 years), our first, nursed happily for 13 mos., with no difficulties, and I never had mastitis. Noah's latch doesn't seem to be right (still have pain and nipple appears misshapen and bruised after feedings), but he had been nursing like a mad man and gaining weight wonderfully (was 6 lbs. 9 ozs. at birth, developed jaundice and dropped to below 6 lbs. by the time we left the hospital, and was 9 lbs 5 ozs. at 4 week checkup).

    I love breastfeeding, and he really seems to also. It would break my heart to be unable to continue to breastfeed him. Please help me get back on track. Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Sleepless (and worried sick) in New York.


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    Default Re: need help fast - sudden drop in production...

    can you take the baby to bed and just nurse?
    Your baby is beter at getting milk out then the pump.
    count diapars and then you'll know if the baby is getting the milk he needs.

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    Default Re: need help fast - sudden drop in production...

    It doesn't sound like you necessarily have a low supply. For your son to drink 1/2 ounce of formula is not much at all. I have never been able to pump anything right after a feeding.

    How are your son's diapers? You mentioned that he is "gaining weight wonderfully" - well that's a great sign!

    As far as his latch not feeling quite right, have you been in contact with your local LLL leader? She would be able to help. Or you could contact a IBCLC (lactation consultant).

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    Thumbs up Re: need help fast - sudden drop in production...

    Thank you, both responders, for all your helpful advice. Spoke with a LLL leader today who made additional suggestions and was very encouraging. Things seem to be turning around after spending the day concentrating almost solely on nursing. Feeling closer to my Noah, too. Many thanks.

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