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Thread: Breast Milk color and Thrush....

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    Default Breast Milk color and Thrush....

    I have a two week old infant. My breast milk has turned from yellow to white after pumping once it is frozen. Is this normal?

    Also, I've had thrush for the past week and it is getting a little better, but still painful.

    Any suggestions??

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    Default Re: Breast Milk color and Thrush....

    It's normal for the first milk you produce to be yellowish, as it still contains a lot of colostrum. Over time, the colostrum disappears and milk color generally becomes more whitish, sometimes to the point of looking slightly blue.

    Milk can also appear to change color in the fridge: fresh-pumped milk is all mixed up. But as it sits, it separates. The thick, opaque cream floats to the top while the thinner, transparent "skim" milk remains at the bottom of the bottle.

    Freezing can also change the apparent color of your milk- just as water becomes more opaque when it turns into ice, milk can lose its translucency.

    In short, I wouldn't blame thrush for the color changes you're seeing. Best of luck fighting that beast off!

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    Default Re: Breast Milk color and Thrush....

    The color changes you're describing sound normal. Mothers have also described orange milk, blue milk, green milk, yellow milk, and pink milk. All are normal, and are often effects of mother's diet or vitamins.
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    Default Re: Breast Milk color and Thrush....

    Milk will change color depending on what you've eaten, whether it's hindmilk or foremilk, when it's refrigerated, and when it's frozen. All is good!
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