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Thread: Can a 4 month old be taught to breastfeed?

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    Question Can a 4 month old be taught to breastfeed?

    Hi there,

    I've been giving my daughter breastmilk exclusively through pumping. After her first week and I had a horrible double breast infection, so I was too scared of the pain to breastfeed, but I've been pumping since. I seem to produce more than enough to meet her needs, but I'd love to latch her on again. So far, when I try she refuses. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Can a 4 month old be taught to breastfeed?

    I have no experiance in this area, but I guess that I'd just kep trying. Maybe before giving her a bottle, offer her the breast every time. It'll probably take a whole bunch of patience on your part, but if you have a good supply thru pumping, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Oh, here's another thought-maybe try getting a few drops of milk to come out before you put her to the breast-she may go straight for the taste and not worry about the method she's getting it from!!!
    Best of luck to you.

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