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Thread: Growth spurt and pumping

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    Default Growth spurt and pumping

    I think my 9 week old just started a growth spurt (she is always earlier than average age for these). She has been fussy the last couple of days and suddenly started drinking more EBM at daycare yesterday. Last night and this morning she was nursing like crazy. I know she does this to help increase my milk supply. However, what happens when I go to work? I am already pumping 3 times during the day. I am worried that without being near her to nurse constantly and increase my supply that I will not have enough for her. Please help!

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    Are you pumping at work for the next day? Do you have a stash in the freezer? If you don't then i suggest trying to pump more at home (if that's at all possible) and on weekends to get ahead of yourself..it's best to have a stash in the freezer in case you can't pump enough for the next day feedings. I'm sure you have enough milk but can try relaxing more, eating oatmeal and drinking lots of water while you're at work and continue to nurse her when you're home..good luck, i've been through this

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