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Thread: is it bad?

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    Sounds about right for a seven month old. Some babies are interested in food early on, and others not so much. I don't think it hurts to offer food on a spoon once in a while, or with your fingers. All around the world mothers are finger feeding their babies food, and sometimes chewing it up a little for them first. Eventually the babies all sit at the table and eat, whether with fingers, or forks, or chopsticks. They just copy what we do.
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    i'm on the same boat as you. i just spoke w/ the LC who helped me out in the beginning and she strongly recommended i boost the solid feedings to at least twice/day since according to her, my baby's solid food intake should be at 70% by 10 months. i'm hearing so much contradictory info!! she also mentioned that BF feedings should decrease already and when u feed solids, you should feed solids, then BF but i heard the reverse! i'm so confused!
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