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Thread: baby not into solids...what to do?

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    Question baby not into solids...what to do?

    DD is 6 months old. I have been trying & trying solids on Tessa. Sweet potatoes, pears, rice cereal...she is not enthusiastic about any of them. I guess she cries the least on cereal but she's not exactly gobbling it down either. I fight to get her to take a tablespoon of cereal, and most of that ends up on her face. Ped. says she needs the calories from cereal because she is very low on the weight bracket (2%) (she has always been low on the weight bracket, since birth so I'm not being pushed to supplement with formula), but she just does not seem to like solids and only wants the boob. How long did it take before your LO took to solids? Do I just put it aside and try again in a week or two? It breaks my heart to have feeding sessions end up with her whimpering and on the verge of tears. Is she just not ready for solids yet?

    I am trying to feed her when she wakes after her morning nap (always she's in a great mood after napping), and usually she won't be too hungry at that point (about an hour away from her next feed). I just don't know what else to do?

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    Default Re: baby not into solids...what to do?

    Doesn't sound like she is ready. You're on cue with that thought. I am surprised (kinda ) that your ped can see she's been on the "low end" of the weight tracks, and remains there - and thinks it's something to worry about.

    How many nursing sessions does she have in one 24 hr period?
    Whats has her weight pattern been like? (from lowest weight to now)

    See this link, too - on growth patterns of BF babes.

    (this link talks a bit about being ready for solids - may help you feel even more secure in knowing she's not ready )
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    Default Re: baby not into solids...what to do?

    I think you're right in that she may not be ready yet. FWIW- Katy is 7.5 months and hasn't taken to food yet, either. She eats it, but not much and she's usually pretty upset by the time we're done. I only keep trying b/c she's very eager for what's on our plates and watches us like we're torturing her if she doesn't get something...

    I'd try again in a week or two.
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    Default Re: baby not into solids...what to do?

    DD's weights:

    6 lb. 1.5 oz. (I was a week overdue even and I'm sure of my dates)
    6 lb. 9 oz. (7%)
    2 months:
    8 lb. 14.5 oz. (3%)
    4 months:
    11 lb. 5.5. oz. (4%)
    6 months:
    12 lb. 14 oz. (2%)

    DD is growing plenty in length; she was 19" at birth and 26.5" at 6 months (67%).

    I'm not terribly concerned about her weight though I would like her to gain some and not be so skinny (though she has plenty of visible fat creases, it's not like you see her bones). DH is very tall & thin (6'4" and 165 lb.), and I'm thin too (118 lb., 5'4"). So some of it could be genetics.

    As for nursing, DD nurses all the time! Usually, it's every 2-3 hr during the day. During the day, it's harder because she's very distractable so will nurse a few minutes and then play around, "talk", etc, go back to nursing, so it's hard to gauge; sometimes I will put the boob away and try again in 30 minutes to see if she'll be less distractable. But she nurses a lot overnight (we co-sleep). She probably consumes a good 50% of her calories while asleep (napping and at night).

    Her diaper output is around 5-6 soaking wet diapers a day and usually a poopy diaper too.

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    Default Re: baby not into solids...what to do?

    Sounds like she's doing great. If you look at the calories on the back of a jar of baby food it's pretty startling. When you compare the great fats and calories in BM versus filling up on a few calories worth of carrots there's really no comparison. Let her lead the way. My son didn't want anything to do w/ solids until he was 13 months old. I offered them every few weeks but in the end he completely skipped the baby food stage and started w/ table food. Within a month he was eating as much as I was. Hang in there, it can be a frustrating time I know.


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    Default Re: baby not into solids...what to do?

    My 7.5 mo old son is very hesitant with solids, too. He's HUGE, by the way, so just eating breastmilk does not make a baby skinny!!!! As a matter of fact, breastmilk has more calories, nutrients, fat, etc. than almost any other food out there per ounce. Here's a link for you (or, for your ped!).

    If you look at this link, you'll see that the only food that has significantly more calories per ounce is avocado, which is a great starter food, especially if your little one needs extra calories. BUT, I wouldn't push solids on her. If she's not ready, just give it a break for a few weeks. Nurse a lot (on demand), and give it a go later. I think some babies just aren't that into having food fed to them, either. You might consider looking into baby led solids (the europeans call it baby led weaning because weaning is technically giving baby something other than breastmilk). We're trying it with our guy since he seems to have big problems with food being fed to him.

    Here's a link:

    and another:

    and the ultimate link to BLW:

    I know, this last one isn't in English, but the videos are extraordinary. Even if you think it's all silly and want to feed her purees (nothing wrong with that), remember that the period between 6 and 12 months is supposed to be just an introduction to solid food flavors and textures. Infants should still be fed primarily breastmilk until they reach a year of age. Pediatricians don't tend to remember this for some reason.

    Keep it positive. Let her taste something that you're eating (I eat a lot of applesauce and sweet potatoes these days just for my little guy to taste mama's food). And don't worry about how she's petite. I cried for months because my guy is so big. The grass is always greener. . . .

    Hope this helps. And keep us (at least me) posted on how it goes.
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