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Thread: When to start solids??

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    Default When to start solids??

    I have a 3 mth old girl who is exclusively BF. Her weight gain has slowed severely and the doctors cannot find anything wrong with her. The ped recommends supplementing with formula, but she will not take a bottle and is too little for a cup. I have tried many different ways to get it in her, but nothing works. I am wondering if it is too early to start a little rice cereal mixed with the breast milk to help her gain more weight and satisfy her. I know they say to wait until she is 4 mths, but is this true for all babies?

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    They actually say to wait until about 6 months or that the baby is ready to start solids.


    Also some babies are just smaller then other ones. I would say look at her growth curve and it's staying on path then there isn't too much to worry about it. Just keep on nursing the baby and she'll get what she needs from the milk. Also for the growth chart are they using a breastfed chart or a formula one.


    Check out the link and chart it on there and you can get a more accurate reading of where she is.

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    Default Re: When to start solids??

    Have you seen the LLL recommendations for detemining when baby is ready for solids? This is a good resource.

    Rice cereal in a bottle is a choking hazard, just fyi.

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    Unhappy Re: When to start solids??

    Be careful how you go about it, b/c I've heard lately on that the baby solids have a lower calorie content than the BM and a 3 month old baby's stomach is unlikely to digest it either. Your DD's weight could end up slowing down even further or even losing some. But then again, if the cereal does turn out to have a higher calorie than the BM, then you are on a winner.

    I wish I can help you . Maybe you have a high fore milk content, I have heard that there is a condition that some mother's have too much fore milk (watery). And, when there's too much the baby is too full to get to the hind milk (fatty) on time. Perhaps you could try express some fore milk off or taking your DD off the tit, when you feel the 'let-down' and when the spurting of the milk stops you could then put your DD back on your tit.

    Have you tried this? Maybe you need to seek another opinion?
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