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Thread: worried and I know I shouldn't

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    Default worried and I know I shouldn't

    Ok, I know ya'll have told me not to worry, but it is SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO hard for me......
    DS is starting to like cereal mixed with BM and Bananas finally. I have tried Squash and Sweet Potatoes and he gags the entire time on those. We have gone from 1 ice cube size of solids once a day to twice a day. He is doing good if he eats it all. I am worried now that he is so mobile he will loose too much weight and I also worry that he will never eat veggies. He loves only the sweet stuff. I know it is because bm is so sweet.

    Side Note: First tooth is trying to come through
    Exclusively and every minute of it!!
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    Default Re: worried and I know I shouldn't

    My DS only liked the orange sweet potatoes not the white ones. I think they are quite a bit sweeter. He also loved peas, but unfortunately he wasn't able to digest them very well so I had to stop the peas.
    I now mix avocados with his sweet potatoes and carrots and he loves those.

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