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Thread: Need jogging bra

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    Default Need jogging bra

    I am finally up for some running, I have been doing lots of walking and I finally feel ready to do more. I have the Bravado orginal bra but its not giving me enough support for running. What would be best? I don't really need it to be a nursing bra since I won't be nursing then, obviously. I haven't a clue what to get since, until now, I have never had any breasts to speak of, lol!
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    Default Re: Need jogging bra

    I just use regular sports bras, though granted, I'm not large chested even now (I'm still a B cup!)

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    I have also just started running. I wear 2 sports bras...one is a cheap "Hanes Her Way" sports bra from Wal-Mart that is really too small but works. I wear another one on top of this that I got at Target (Champion brand). My other suggestion would be to use an ace-bandage and wrap this around you. Then, wear your sports bra over this. I have done both and it works for me. Hope this helps! (I too never had any breasts to speak of until now...it's definitely an adjustment!)
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