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Thread: gassy baby, please help

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    Unhappy gassy baby, please help

    my three week old has been fussing on and off for a few days now. he'll fuss for a few hours then either toot several times or poop. he used to poop after nearly every feeding, the past few days it has just been a few times.

    i also have trouble getting a burp out of him after he eats. (he is breastfed except for one bottle of ebm a day.) however, sometimes he burps at random times including when he's at the breast. he has been spitting up alot more too.

    i tried baby gas drops, they don't seem to do anything.

    also, sometimes i can hear him swallowing air when he's breastfeeding. he has been fussy at the breast and falls asleep during feedings quite a bit, which hasn't been a problem since he was a few days old.

    is there anything i can do to help him! i feel so bad when he screams and i can't do anything. i have also tried gently rubbing his tummy, walking with him, and bicycling his legs, none of these have seemed to help.

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    Default Re: gassy baby, please help

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Have you looked at your own diet and tried eliminating gas producing foods (dairy, broccoli, onions ect)? Maybe that will help.

    Honestly, I think sometimes you have to just wait these stages out and know that they WILL eventually get better. I tried everything with DS to help with his painful, gassy belly. Nothing worked! And then he turned 3 mos old and things got soooo much better. His digestive system just needed some time to mature and handle his food more efficiently.

    Maybe others will have some tricks for you to try......

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    Default Re: gassy baby, please help

    I was going to post exactly what Luke's Mom did ...

    That, unfortunately, it's probably just your little guy's digestive system needing to mature a little more. That you are doing all the right things already, maybe try looking for gassy foods in your diet to eliminate if possible, and it will get much better!

    You also might try taking him off the breast after the first few minutes and burping him, then letting him continue to nurse. They take in the most air when they are first beginning to nurse, so it helps a lot of the time to help them get that air out before continuing to fill their tummy.

    Kelly Mom's web site says:

    "If baby has a hard time burping, try burping more often during a feeding. The best burping position is one that applies firm pressure to the baby's tummy. Placing baby over the shoulder way up so that there is pressure on baby's abdomen often works well. Walking around while doing this might distract her long enough to get a good burp. You may even want to lie baby down on her stomach and burp her that way."

    As for eliminating any gassy foods in your diet this might help:
    My baby is gassy. Is this caused by something in my diet?

    Good luck and keep up the good work mama!

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    Default Re: gassy baby, please help

    Dear Elfry-

    It is so frustrating to have a gassy baby- I'm so sorry! I remember that was one of the most difficult things, knowing that my DS was uncomfortable, crying/screaming and I couldn't do much to help him. People kept telling me, as Luke's mom and Paint the Moon have correctly said, that it is probably an immature digestive system. It is true, but REALLY frustrating. People would tell me "just a few more weeks!" and that seemed like eternity! Luke's mom is right, 3 months was the magic number. Honest, it isn't as long as it sounds!

    You're a GOOD mom to want to help him- hang in there, it does get better. My ped told me that babies sometimes come out of the womb and don't know what to do. Not that they're crabby so much, but it is so much different for them than they had it in the womb. And everything is a learning process- they don't know how to toot, they don't know how to poop and it takes them a while to master it. Not to mention that gas pain can hurt you or I let alone a little guy like your young DS.

    I have a burping trick that I never read anywhere else, but my niece who is a daycare worker and child development major taught it to me. You know how they say one way to burp a baby is to have them sitting sideways with your hand on their chest and that same hand's fingers supporting their face? Well, my niece taught me a variation onf this. Put his legs like a v over your thigh and face him forward. Put one hand flat against his chest and your fingers supporting his head near the jaw area (don't choke him!) and gently tap his back. This is same theory as the side burping, but there is a tad more pressure on the chest area to break up the bubbles. Don't whack him too hard, though! THis was the only burping method that worked on my DS for weeks! i still use it.

    You say he's spitting up- does he have any other symptoms of reflux? Or silent reflux?

    Remember, you're doing a great job! We are all here to help support you. I never would have kept b/f this long without all the girls on this site!

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    Wink Re: gassy baby, please help

    I find that the better I burp my DS, the less gas he has. I would work extra hard to extract those suckers!!

    What works for me is burping him with him facing me, laying on my chest. If he doesn't burp, I lean back some, to put pressure on his stomach. If he still doesn't burp, I put him on my shoulder with the pressure of my shoulder being on his stomach (instead of letting him rest his head on my shoulder).

    Of course, in the middle of the night, I am way too tired and lazy to get good burps, so we always wake up in the morning to a huge puke-fest.

    I love that in a recent interview, Brad Pitt said: "You can write a book, you can make a movie, you can draw, paint a painting, but having kids is really the most extraordinary thing I've ever taken on. And, man, if I can get a burp out of that, that little thing, I feel such a sense of accomplishment."

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