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Thread: Over-supply - Block feeding, but then what??

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    Cool Over-supply - Block feeding, but then what??

    So, I've been block feeding since Wednesday to try to lower my milk supply (3-4 hours per side), and I can tell it's already working - I'm getting full, but not engorged, on the non-feeding side.

    But now what???

    Paint-the-moon offered some great resources, but none of them really said what the next step is...

    Do I block feed forever?

    Do I increase to 5-6 hour blocks, so that I'm getting engorged again?

    Do I back off, and go back to switching sides after each feeding?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Default Re: Over-supply - Block feeding, but then what??

    I can tell you what worked for us, but what you'll need to do is find your own balance that is right. It'll be different, of course, for every mom.

    The first week we did block feeding in a major way ... 12 hour blocks! That is some extreme time blocks, I know, but we had a really severe oversupply made much worse by pumping before every feeding from day one. First we did the block feeding until things got under control (and they were VASTLY improved in only 2 days, and slowly got a little better for the next several days after that). The first 3 days I did 12 hour blocks, then tapered to 6 hours, then we stayed at 3 hour blocks for about a month. After about a month my body seemed to have the hang of it and I went back to nursing on one side, switching each time. Now we mostly nurse one side every other time, no more block feeding. And sometimes we even nurse on both sides if she's awake and ravenous.

    My LLL Leader who helped me through all this told me that I would need to find my own balance, that she didn't know my body as well as I do and I would just have to find the right way for me and my baby. I felt a little lost at first, not having a "set plan" to follow, but I was able to just trust my body and my baby to tell me where we needed to be.

    Does that help at all? So, I would taper down the block feeding once you see an improvement (and it sounds like you already have), and stay where you and baby feel most comfortable. I wouldn't increase the time blocks unless you guys are still struggling. Feel free to private message me too if you have any questions or want to just chat. You guys are doing super!

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