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Thread: This is heartbreaking

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    My son (age 1) has suddenly decided to stop taking a bottle from his caregiver while I am at work during the day. We've always put him down awake, and he's been fine not having that bottle before his morning nap, but he's been having a really hard time with the afternoon nap and now sometimes spends the whole nap time standing in his crib saying "ma ma ma, ma ma ma" in this very pitiful voice.

    I'm comfortable with where we are in terms of weaning (he nurses in the morning and before bed at night) but this makes me soooo sad to hear. The bottle thing is obviously his choice (we've tried everything and he just screams now when he sees it), but how long will it take to adjust? And, how long should I wait before trying to drop one of the other BF sessions? I would like to TTC again but have not seen AF since I conceived DS and for a number of reasons am pretty sure I'm not going to be able to conceive without weaning fully.

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    oh you poor thing that is very hard... When we slowly dropped nursing sessions it took a few days to adjust my firend always said three days... I don't know if that is true but it did take a little while.. and we would let her sit in her crib and fall asleep on her own.. She would only cry for a little while and if it went to long we would check on her and tell her we love her and out like a rock... We also have a crib aquarium and turn it on when she goes down and now all we do is turn it on and she lays down talks to herself for a bit and goes to sleep... I don't know if this will help but good luck...
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    maybe it's time to move from 2 naps to one nap most days?

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    it's so hard when you start changing things isn't it? does sound like maybe he doesn't need the nap - could he have a quiet time reading books so he gets a little rest that way? or maybe sitting with some crayons and paper on his carer's lap at a table? or what about getting him a relax kids cd to listen to - i don't know if you can get them in the states but htey are relaxation for kids through stories and stuff, i haven't tried them myself but have lots of friends whose (older) kids love them - might help him just rest a while without calling out all the time? hope it gets solved soon x
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*andreafromohio View Post
    maybe it's time to move from 2 naps to one nap most days?

    I totally agree

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