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Thread: Nursing blisters

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    Default Nursing blisters

    My DS is over 6 weeks old, and he still has a nursing blister on his upper lip. I remember my other kids having one, that went away in the first couple weeks of life. I know it's only cosmetic, but could it signal something bigger - like a poor latch? My nipples haven't been sore or anything, so I don't think that's the problem. How long can I expect it to last, out of curiousity?

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    Hey, Kristen! It's me again.

    My little girl had nursing blisters continually for the first couple months. One would fall off (gross!) and a new one would appear. Our latch was perfect too. Maybe because we both had oversupply our little ones had to suck extra vigoursly? This is what I posted to another mom asking about the blisters:

    "Nursing blisters are caused by vigorous sucking. They appear as a blister on the center of the top lip. It may be swollen and your baby's lips will be chapped. My little one had several in the early weeks, both on the top and bottom lip. They don't cause your newborn any pain and will disappear within a few weeks. (It was really kind of gross when the huge piece of skin fell off her precious little lips!)"

    They will most likely be disappearing for good in the next few weeks.

    - Annie

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    Default Re: Nursing blisters

    my dd had one when she was about 4 weeks old...she just had another one last week (now 10 weeks old). at first i was a bit bothered by it, but it goes away in a few days. so to answer your question about how long it will last...it could go past a couple months, since my dd is now 10 weeks old.

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