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Thread: Iron suppliments

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    she's only 2 weeks (born 5 weeks early and because I had bad anemia I'm supposed to supplement her iron for 9 weeks.)
    the supplement you recommend looks like it would smell less foul because it's a different kind of iron (not ferrous sulfate). Unfortunately, it says only for 4 years and older. I'm going to ask her pediatrician about it though because if she'll take it it would be a huge relief.
    thanks for the advice!

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    When we did supplement with iron we mixed it in a bit of BM. Only maybe an ounce. That way we didn't waste a bunch of BM if he spit it out, but he never did...
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    All I know is that preemies often need extra iron because most of the transfer of iron from mom to baby happens in the last trimester (and from the cord after birth) and preemies miss out on both of these.

    Our son is on it. I'm not sure how long we'll keep going after he's out of the hospital - maybe at least to his due date?

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    My LO was discharged with a daily iron supplement too and he has been SUPER gassy the past few days. This makes me wonder if there's any connection?

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    yeah. Thats very young for suppliment of that kind.

    you could try a spoon and mixed with breastmilk a little bit at a time several times a day.

    you can take the flora dix though I bet it would make you feal alot beter!

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    My daughter was sent with Iron supplememt too, she is a 32wker... when she was a baby she used to take it fine in a onze of milk, but now the doesnt even want to smell it ... I have mix it with milk shakes, apple sauce, yogurt, and other juices but she cant be fool .... She is taking the one with floroude/iron/multivmis..... Is the Floradix Iron the same as the one she is taking? I mean same ingridients?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*cassiesmom View Post
    did anyone find a good way to give this? my daughter spits out at least half of it!
    The nurses in the NICU told me to give it to my son with about 15cc's of BM. He was sent home with iron and multi-vitamin supplements. We mixed the BM with both. He doesn't spit it out, although they said most babies do, he drinks every drop. hope this helps.
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    we sitched to "My kids Iron Suplements" its a breze... tastes like babanas.. no problem any more and its specially for BF babies

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