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Thread: baby now breast feeding...taking bottle instead

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    Default baby now breast feeding...taking bottle instead

    My baby is 8 weeks old and he is not breastfeeding, he is too fussy and likes the bottle so I am pumping, how often should I pump so i can have extra milk in the fridge?



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    This is a great resource and should have the info you need.

    I would also encourage you to contact a lactation consultant if you are interested in getting your baby back to the breast, if only for some feedings. Pumping and bottlefeeding all the time might get old since it's a lot more work having to take the time to pump, wash bottles, etc., and your baby is young enough that it might be easier to get him back to the breast.


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    Default Re: baby now breast feeding...taking bottle instead

    I had the same problem after having to supplement for jaundice and low supply. I was told to pump every three hours around the clock, even at night. It's exhausting but I'm now pumping 2-4+ ounces every three hours with over 24oz per day.

    If you can get your LO back to the breast it will be much better time wise. If not, get some extra sets of flanges nad the rest of ht epumping kit so you can cut back on the amount of washing up you have to do. I find that to be a time consuming part of the process and the last thing I wanted to do at 2am. I have three sets and wash up once per day using each set for six hours.
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