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    sorry if this is posted at the wrong place but i was not sure where to post it! my dd is 18mo and she only poops ever other day or every 2 days, she is not constipated when she goes it normal looking poop soft and stuff, my dh thinks she should be going every day and that she has some intestinal issue cuz she doesent, she is totally on soilds,whole milk and does not bf! anyone have any thoughts? how often do your litle ones go?? i tried to look it up online cuz i know when they are youinger its not uncommon for them to go thats much time inbetween poops, i found some that says its normal and some that say that toddlers should go after every meals??!!!!?? im frusrtated cuz i feel like my dh thinks theres something wrong and she should go more but what am i supposta do make her go?? i cant do that!!
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    my son is almost 18 months, and doesnt poop every day. He will go every few days. Its usually soft, no issues with constipation. I dont think its anything to worry about! Adults dont always go everyday, i usually dont, so I just think its his digestive system starting to mature. My son does still BF a few times a day, and it doesnt make him poop more. He eats plenty of solids too.
    Sounds normal to me!!!

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    My son is a little younger than yours, almost 15 months, and he does go every day, but I think that's just how he's made (it runs in the family lol). My niece and nephew, on the other hand, who are 4 years old and 18 months old, don't go every day; in fact, sometimes it's several for them. It sounds like your son is just right, especially if he isn't constipated or in pain.

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