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Thread: when is one breast not enough anymore?

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    Default when is one breast not enough anymore?

    lately my LO (3.5 months) becomes fussy at the breast after about 10 minutes, when i try to express milk from that breast, there's nothing, so i switch her to the other breast and she seems to be happy

    i have never had to do this before, is it normal at this age?

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    Default Re: when is one breast not enough anymore?

    Welcome to the forum!

    IMO it sounds like that shouldn't be a problem. Your LO might be having a growth spurt or she might just like the faster flow-either way it's normal.
    I'm not sure if this is the case, but it's also normal for one breast to produce more than the other.

    Is there anything else worrying you? It sounds like you are doing a great job!


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    Default Re: when is one breast not enough anymore?

    true, it might be a growth spurt or could teething do this? she has been having trouble napping the last couple of days, she falls asleep for 10 minutes and then wakes up crying!

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    Default Re: when is one breast not enough anymore?

    I agree with Molly. Here is some info on growth spurts. Is this a recent thing she has started doing?
    For the record, i have nursed one side at a time since day one, and have never had issues. If there was a time he seemed to need more, i just offered the other side, but for the most part, i nurse from one side each session.

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