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    Unhappy Yikes

    We had our first biting experience while nursing.

    I pulled her off and said "Nooooo, that hurts" She broke out the crocodile tears, she is ! Luckily she didn't do it again........yet! We almost made it a year! She has finally cut her second tooth & I think there is one on top trying to come in so that may be a reason -

    mama isn't a teether though
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    aww so sorry that happened! but i'm impressed that you went 11 mo w/o a bite I think you did the right thing, and I hope it doesnt happen again-I understand the pain of a little baby bite!

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    I hate the biting (as everyone does I'm sure)

    LO went through a phase about 8 weeks ago when he had 2 teeth, he would suck my nipple through his teeth, like he was straining it or sucking jello through your teeth. I can't explain it but it was HORRIBLE!!!!!
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    We didn't have our first bite until almost 13 months, probably because DD has been a "late" teether. She hasn't done it again since then, so I'm hoping she understood me the first time. Good luck!
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    Be careful as you pull her off though. If she's clamped on, it can be better to pull her into you a little to make her let go before pulling her away so you don't get yanked. Just a little trick I learned from a friend. Thankfully the biting is often a phase they get over quickly.

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    I just got my first bite the other day when we were up at 5 am... I screamed cause it felt like all 9 of his teeth chomped away. He cried, and dad took him away while I held my boob.

    But anyways you did the right thing with taking her away. She'll learn that if she bites then she won't be getting the boob for a few seconds, or until the pain goes away.

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