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Thread: Just started nursing again after 2 LONG months

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    Default Just started nursing again after 2 LONG months

    I had posted on this site a while back after having issues with weight gain in my daughter, then ended up supplementing with a bottle, then she began refusing the breast... I ended up EP for 2 months, while still trying to get her back on the breast... well at 3 1/2 months i finally got her to nurse exclusively! after 2 whole months of bottles. But now i have doubts, worries and questions. When she nurses she still gets pretty upset at the slow flow, but we perservere and she will eventually calm down once she gets a let down. She will actively swallow for only maybe 1-2 minutes though then go back to choppy sucks. Is this long enough or am i low supply? (i was pumping approx. 19 oz. per day before) i know she drains my breast faster and better, so i am guessing she will get more than 19 oz. at the breast. She really only nurses maybe 10 minutes and i will have maybe 2-3 letdowns, with that being most of her active swallowing, then back to choppy sucks. Then she nods off. I have been trying to nurse her every 2 hours to boost my supply, and i am paranoid she will not get enough. So far today she has had 3 wet diapers after being awake about 4 hours. no poops yet. (but that's pretty normal for her) My biggest question is is only 3-5 minutes total of active swallowing enough? (with a few occasional swallows while she is eliciting another letdown) Thanks!

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    Default Re: Just started nursing again after 2 LONG months

    I am definitely not an expert but I'd say it sounds normal. I want to congratulate you for getting her back to the breast.
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    Default Re: Just started nursing again after 2 LONG months

    Thanks so much, it was quite a surprise we were taking a bath then she just turned her head and started to nurse. Go figure!

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    Default Re: Just started nursing again after 2 LONG months

    What you describe sounds pretty good to me, since older babies do tend to become more efficient nursers and get a full meal in a short time. But if you're worried, you might want to rent a professional scale and weigh your baby before and after nursing, just to see how much she takes in during a nursing session.

    What a great success you've had! Thank you for sharing your story!!!

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    Default Re: Just started nursing again after 2 LONG months

    Congratulations on resuming nursing. That's fantastic!

    I think if her wet/dirty diapers continue to be normal then that is a good indicator of her getting enough milk.

    DS was always been an efficient nurser until he started to comfort nurse after 6 months. He'd nurse for 3-5 minutes tops.

    Keep up the good work, mama!
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