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    I defrosted some of my bm for my lo today...i defrosted about 5 oz and she only ate one. Can I put the rest in the fridge?? How long will it stay good?? I know I should smell/taste just to make sure...but I dont want to waste it. I separated 3 oz in one bottle and 2 in another... she hasnt touched the bottle with the 3 oz, so I put that one in the fridge...is that ok ? The other bottle she ate an oz out of so there's an oz left.... can I put that one in the fridge too?? Every drop is just so precious to me!! So if you know ABOUT how long it will be good, Id LOVE to know!! TIA

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    Common milk storage guidelines state that milk can be kept for 24 hrs after it's been defrosted, if it's untouched. So, that 3oz you separated out can be kept for 24hrs. However, each mother's milk is different, and you may find that it's bad at 18hrs, or still just fine at 25hrs.

    For that 1oz that you have leftover from the bottle that baby started, bacteria have been introduced into the bottle from baby's mouth. Common milk storage guidelines state that milk should be used or tossed within an hour of touching baby's lips, because of bacterial growth.

    However, you know your baby, your body, and your milk best. A smell test is always a good option.
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