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Thread: Less supply at 10 mo?

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    Default Less supply at 10 mo?

    I've managed to nurse my LO for over 10 months now (breastfeed at home, pump at work 4 days/week). He has been nursing a little less at home now with the addition of solids, but still wants his two to three 5 oz bottles at daycare. I seem to be having a hard time pumping this amount anymore. Maybe it's due to less stimulation, or the fact that I've missed a few more pumps here and there. Anyway, just wondering how much milk/solids other babies are taking at this age. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Less supply at 10 mo?

    Hi there, just wanted to chime in to say that my DD is 8.5 months and I am experiencing the same thing. We started solids at about 6 months, and she has gradually been moving from the pureed foods and cereal to more and more table food. My DD generally gets breakfast, lunch, 2 afternoon snacks, and dinner.

    I don't know what you are doing, but since I can't get as much when I pump, I have been having to supplement with formula. It was really bothering me at first (to not be able to pump enough) but I guess this is part of the gradual weaning process. I do not intend to fully wean my DD until she is at least 12 months, but I can tell we are already on our way

    Well, just wanted to say I'm experiencing the same thing and hoping to hang in there and keep nursing as long as my LO needs/wants it.

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