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Thread: Time for a sippy cup!

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    Default Time for a sippy cup!

    DS is almost 7 months and I think it's time for him to learn how to use a sippy. I bought sippies a month or so ago (I think they are Nuby brand) but haven't tried using 'em yet.

    So, question! Once DS learns how to use the sippy, and I put BM in there, will that interfere with our BFing relationship in any way?
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    Default Re: Time for a sippy cup!

    It shouldn't interfere.. I started my LO about 9 months on solids and sippy so I gave her food and drink.. and I still nursed regularly... So we never had any problem at all... good luck
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    We started kind of playing with a sippy around 7-8 months, at mealtimes, and it didn't affect our breastfeeding at all.

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