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Thread: how does it work?

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    Breastfeed before giving solids for the first year. Then you breastfeed after.

    Basically for the first year solids are just for experiencing and learning new things. They don't need it nutrition wise because they are getting all they need from your breast milk.

    Once they hit a year though they need to start getting more nutrition so they need the solids to get what else they need.

    Or at least that was my understanding of it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jipjip View Post
    Sorry.. what i meant is that

    @ the Kellymom website it says:
    7 - 9 months Watch baby's cues - this is particularly easy if baby nurses beforehand and most/all of the solids are offered to baby to self-feed. Increase solids gradually if baby is interested, with a maximum of 2 meals per day.

    do i still breaskfeed before giving solids? or these 2 meals replace the BF?
    You don't want solids to replace any nursing session at this point You always nurse first

    This link and this one gives good ideas on some good starter foods
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    im just going to say thank you for all the info on here..as i will be starting solids soon, and i also was unsure of how to go about this, im lucky in that i am off work till my son is 1 year old...and very happy to be able to continue breatsfeeding him exclusivly..(i was originally supposed to go back to work this month but had to extend it as my son refuses to have a bottle or a sippy cup or anythjing but to be breastfed and i had nightmares of him not feeding while i was at work!)

    but i didnt know if when i start with solids, do they replace a breatsfeeding session, or do i breastfeed say an hour before solids !!..so much i dont even know how to do!
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