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    I've been nursing my baby for 8 months, I would like to start to increase my milk supply, but I do not know how many times a day to pump and if it should be before or after feedings?
    Thanks for your help

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    Congratulations on feeding your baby for 8 months! That is great!

    Does your baby always take both sides? How long does your LO sleep at night.

    You can start by pumping after the LO finishes or pump the other side if they only take one. You can also pump at night if the LO sleeps for any length of time.

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    When I was working on building my low supply, the LC recommended the following:

    - Pump after every breastfeeding session. My LO fed from both sides so that meant seven minutes of pumping on each breast.

    - Use a double pump.

    - If LO nurses only from one side per feeding, try to pump the other breast while the LO is breastfeeding.

    - Pump inbetween feedings a couple times a day.

    - Try a power pump. Pump for ten minutes at the top of each hour for several hours. Or, use your pump to mimic cluster feeding. For an hour, pump for ten minutes then rest for ten minutes. Repeat until you've done this for an hour and pumped three times. Doing this two to three times a day (cluster feeding mimic) should trick your body into producing more.

    - If you're moving to exclusively pumping, you'll need to pump as many times as your LO eats during the day. I pump every three hours, even at night.

    - If your LO sleeps for a long time duirng ht enight, you could pump then to bank milk and increase supply.
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