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Thread: how much water for 8 mo old?

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    Default how much water for 8 mo old?

    How much water is ok? I give lo a sippy or straw cup with dinner and usually she only takes maybe 1-2 oz. (she's 8 mos old). But my MIL has discovered she likes the sippy and I'm trying to discourage too much water without being unreasonable. I've explained she doesn't need it for thirst that breastmilk changes consistency and all that, and I don't want her drinking too much if she hasn't nursed recently so it doesn't interfere with her eating.
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    Default Re: how much water for 8 mo old?

    My MIL was always trying to tell me that DS was thirsty, or asked him where his sippy cup was. I just ignored it mainly and didn't give him a sippy other than at meal times, because well basically what you said. Breast milk is for him when he is thirsty as well. I didn't want to jeopardize that.

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    Default Re: how much water for 8 mo old?

    Well if baby isn't alone with MIL, it really shouldn't be an issue. If baby stays with MIL for extended times you can offer bm for the cups.

    At 8 mo they don't 'need' any as long as they have full and regular access to nursing The amount you say she's getting should be fine

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    Default Re: how much water for 8 mo old?

    from what I have read too much water can be toxic for babies because their kidneys can't process it as well as ours can. I would tell MIL that.

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