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    Default Medela Bottles

    I'm preparing for baby #2, and trying to decide which bottles to use. The Avent bottles we used last time are out b/c of BPA concerns. I have a ton of Medela bottles that I used for pumping, but I was wondering how they did with feeding. I would only need to buy some nipples.

    Any opinions on feeding a nursing baby with Medela bottles?
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    We used 'em foe 8.5 months and they've been great. He takes 3 bottles at DC and they are the 6oz Medelas. We love them.
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    Lots of mothers seem to use them, because they come with their pumps. Many mothers have found that you don't necessarily need to buy Medela bottle nipples for them, any bottle nipple made for the tall, narrow bottles will generally fit.
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    We switched from the Avents to the Medelas a few months ago (when I finally got a clue about BPA). DD has not problem taking them.
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    We LOVE them. Have been using them for almost 9 months. I got the gerber nuk nipples and use them with the bottles. I also got the gerber clear view bottles and the lids to them work for medela as well. (at least the older medela bottles)

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    We LOVE the medela bottles. We used other bottles at first & we had issues with the speed, too slow, too fast, & our lo was gassy a lot, & it seemed like I was having a hard time keeping up. She would go through about 36 oz of milk during the day when she was just a month old. After we made the switch to medela, she wasn't as gassy, and I suddenly had a stash of milk because she was only going through on average 18 oz a day! Good luck w/ whatever you decide!
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    Thanks for the advice, ladies!
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