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Thread: Not expressing enough!

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    Default Not expressing enough!


    I'm new here, and hope someone can help me with a few challenges!

    My DD is 7.5 months, and started dc part-time about a month ago. I started sending her to dc with about 6-8 oz of EBM a day... Between what I pumped and some milk I had stored up, I always had enough. Unfortunately, after about a week at dc, she started refusing to drink while there, waiting instead for me to pick her up so she could nurse. But this week, she started dc from 7:30 to about 3 or 3:30... She is just drinking 0.5 to 1.5 ounces a few times during the day... she still nurses 4 or 5 times when she's home, but should I be concerned about her milk intake?

    My other challenge is pumping. When she was just in daycare during the mornings, I managed to pump enough in 2 or 3 sessions during the day for her to get 6 or 8 oz of milk. I typically only get about 3 oz per session, and that's going through several let-downs.

    How do I increase my pumped milk quantity? I'm still working from home for now, so my shedule is pretty flexible for now. But I also want to be realistic about the fact that I am returning to my office next month, where I won't be able to pump more than a couple of times a day.

    Any help would be very, very much appreciated! I'm quite determined to pump for my baby while I'm away from her, but wow... this is all harder than I thought it would be!


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    When I pump at work, I find being able to relax is the most important... I go to a quiet office and look at pictures of my daughter... that helps. Then I usually go one the computer and read (like right now!) so that I'm not just watching the pump and obsessing about how much milk I get... I find that makes a big difference! It seems like when I am just watching the pump, I barely get anything but when I try to do something else, next thing I know, I've pumped 5 ounces (which is great for me).
    I recently talked to my lactation nurse about needing to pump more and she said it was really important to make sure I was eating enough, getting enough calories, having snacks in between meals, and drinking lots of water. When you return to work it is easy to let these things fall to the wayside, but I find if I pay attention to my own nurtition this helps a lot.

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