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    alright since my 5 month old baby doll has been born ive been having breastfeeding problems. the first few months she wouldnt latch on so i would have to pump. then around the age of 2 months my pump broke (i was then getting atleast 4oz a pumping if not more). but luckily i got her to latch. then a for about 2 - 2 1/2 months now she either wont stay latched on for a long while but she will be hungry still. ive tried sitting up with her and laying down and neither of ems working. now my problem is low milk supply. i feed her and i think that is part of the problem why she wont stay latched on. and when i pump i wont even get a half ounce for either side. i do think however now my second pump that i have isnt suctioning correctly. first one broke i think do to being put in the dishwasher or just being used to much. ive been seriously thinking about giving up on breastfeeding even though i dont want to. since i found out i was pregnant ive had my heart set on breastfeeding and not wanting to giver her ANY formula. and thats all ive been doing lately. which is making me really depressed. ive talked to a lactation consultant and she recomended me trying mother milk tea every 2hrs or 5x a day and pumping 5x a day after feeding. nothing is working. is there any way i can get her to stay latched on and be able to produce more milk?? i was told bfeeding is like a factory the more you try the more you produce but i dont find that to be true. i do try to bfeed her every time shes hungry. on a regular basis eating about 2-3 8oz formula bottles a day due to no milk. could someone please help me. i dont want to give up but the way im headed im about to. thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
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    Hi, I know how frustrating it can be. DS was supplemented til he was 11 1/2 weeks, and now gets some formula while I am at work because I can't pump enough (and I have a brand new PIS). Here are some things that help my milk supply

    -drinking 9-10 glasses of water a day
    -eating oatmeal every moring
    -eating regularly and healthy (fruits and veggies)
    -taking my prenatal

    my OBGYN called in Reglan for me and it doubled my supply, but I did have some mild depression from it.

    I hope this helps sweetie! Remember, any breastmilk is better than no breastmilk! Don't give up!

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