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Thread: 10 month old ONLY NURSES

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    My son is just over 10 months and will only nurse. He will not take a bottle and has no interest in solids... not only no interest but he rejects totally any food he is not controling. I have tried finger foods for him... but he just mashes them together, against himself, the floor, and something gags on it. He has been gaining weight just fine until recently. But he has also gotten really mobile so that could have something to do with it. The biggest problem is that when anyone watches him he wont eat for them... like at daycare. No matter how long he is there, he refuses food, and the folks at daycare are really bothered by this. They feel like if he is there for 3-4 hours he must eat at least once.
    Half the people I talk to simply don't believe me. The other half say, oh my kid was like that until 15 months or something.... It is just an incredibly frustrating experiance, and at this point I don't even see the point in offering food, pumping for daycare, and packing a lunch. It is all time wasted... but I also feel like I should keep offering food that is what my job it. UG!


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    my 10 1/2 month old is also quite disinterested in food. He does eat some, but not enthusiastically and only once has he ever finished off a whole jar. i can't tell you how much food has gone down the drain. Yes, keep offering it to your baby. I know from my own experience how frustrating it is, and i know what it is like when other people make comments to you. "Are you STILL nursing?" "doesn't he eat food?" "he must be very hungry, you don't feed him enough". I have heard all of those comments and more! I have heard that babies, especially breastfed babies, stop gaining so much once they become mobile, so I wouldn't worry about that. I know that my son is gaining much more slowly now that he's mobile. Also, if your son goes 3 - 4 hours without eating I think that is no big deal. My son will sometimes go 5 or more hours between meals, and I think often it is because he is too busy doing something else!

    Have you tried a cup with him? sippy or regular? My son LOVES to drink from a cup or glass. Maybe you could try this, and if your baby likes it then the daycare could offer him expressed milk in a cup. It sounds like he is thriving though, so I think you're moving in the right direction. Keep offering him appropriate foods, and when you find things he will tolerate then get more of that. We found out last night that our son likes watermelon.

    Hope this helps even a little!!! I totally understand!

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    I'm feelin it too Mumma!!! It is an incredibly frustrating thing and still drives me WILD sometimes! Ashley is 13 months now and, though he does have days when he will eat, they are few and far between. He refused solids until a few weeks before he turned one, living on a diet of BM and ...books.

    And even though I am completely down with baby-led weaning and know that he doesnt need that much food for nutrition while BF... it still bugs me! He is a tiny little thing and very lean. It is very difficult for other people to understand how a BF baby can go for long stretches without feeding. But there is nothing you can do but keep offering, and try changing the format. Broccoli icy-poles anyone?
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    One word...smoothies!

    DS (22 months) has only recently started eating solids enthusiastically. When he was younger, I'd offer finger foods regularly, but he was rarely interested. Smoothies, though, he would drink down like nobody's business...just throw some OJ, some whole milk yogurt, some fresh fruit in a blender...you can also add some iron-fortified rice cereal. Worth a shot!
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    It sounds like you and your baby are doing just fine! My pediatrician told me that, up to the age of 1 year, solids are only for experimentation with new tastes and textures and new motor skills. Breastmilk provides sufficient nutrition up to the age of one, after which there is a gradual transition from a majority-breastmilk diet to a majority-solids diet.

    I was lucky my pediatrician told me this, because my kid didn't eat more than a teaspoon or two of solid food until she was around 14-15 months old.

    All you can do is offer your child food- you cannot make him eat. And if he is still gagging on solids, he may not be ready for them yet! Your daycare providers are probably used to babies who have been gobbling down the Gerber since 4-5 months old. Those babies are easy to feed- they'll eat anything! Spoonful of motor oil? They'd probably eat it. But your little guy, on the other hand, is a gourmet: he only wants the best, and that's your milk, straight from the tap.

    Don't let other people's ideas about what your child "should" be eating get to you. If your kid is healthy and happy, don't worry and let him go at his own pace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    But your little guy, on the other hand, is a gourmet: he only wants the best, and that's your milk, straight from the tap.


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    We will keep offering... or rather allowing him to swipe things and watching him while he eats it. He wont take a bottle. The sippy cups have not been much of a success. He does drink out of a cup (ONLY one of ours) but with assistance. I tried sending him to daycare with a cup, they said he just played with it, made a mess and that a bottle would be easier. If my husband got something to work at home I am sure they would be willing to duplicate it.... but so far it seems like nothing works. He went 5.5 hours today, he wants to nurse as soon as we get in the car. So we sit in the driver' seat, listen to music and he nurses before we go. He can't nurse there as there is too much excitement for him.
    It is really hard for me to keep up the excitement when he could really care less.

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    Default Re: 10 month old ONLY NURSES

    Have you tried eating his finger foods in front of him? Other than that, I guess just keep doing what you're doing! He'll come around someday. At some point, all babies/toddlers start wanting to do things more like grownups. I promise I don't know any ten-year-olds who take nothing but breastmilk Not even two- or three-year-olds for that matter. In fact, my aunt had one boy who was like that, and he's now her best eater.
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    I do keep having visions of him going to kindergarden and me having to go nurse him for lunch since he wont eat. We eat his food, and go 'yummm' and he mimics us... except for the eating it part...

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