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Thread: finger foods...how much?

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    Default finger foods...how much?

    First, it is soooo good to be back to this forum. I missed it terribly.

    Okay, now for my question...
    DD (almost 11mos) has transitioned from purees to regular foods (or at least some regular foods...we still play with anything that's kind of slimy). How do I know how much to feed her? With the jars, it was easy to know how much she was eating. Now, when I give her pieces of cheese, or chicken, or pasta, I have no clue how much to give her. Honestly, she'll just keep shoveling in what I put on her tray. Any rules of thumb?
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    Default Re: finger foods...how much?

    their tummy is the same size as thier closed hand...
    Trust your baby they know when they are full!

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    I agree with pp, trust your baby

    A lot of people think that by setting limits on food they are preventing their child from becoming overweight. However, it's not the setting limits that creates good eating habits, it's not forcing more than they want. With my ds1 who is now almost 10, I have never said "finish what's on your plate" Instead, I say "are you full?" Now, when he was younger there were definitely times when he would say he was full so that he could go and play, only to come back an hour later and ask for more . . . I always offered whatever it was that he didn't eat from supper - cold. It didn't take long for him to realize that he may as well fill up while it was hot DS1 is not overweight. Nor is he underweight. He is happily 'average'.

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