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Thread: Seeds important?

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    Question Seeds important?

    I can't remember that last time I saw seeds in DS's poop (at least a month). Color, consistency and frequency is fine. Our ped said that the lack of seeds has to do with what's in my diet but my diet has been pretty stable (lots of whole grains, chicken, salmon and veggies, and some sweets ). Are seeds important? What exactly are they?

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    I don't have an answer for you but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Most of the time DS has seeds, but sometimes he does not. I always wonder what causes the change but I'm never been able to figure it out.

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    good question, I wondered too!
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    I don't think it's what in your diet, but rather how efficiently your little one's digestive system is working, or, rather, how matured it is. What I've learned is a newborn's intestines don't absorb food very well, and a lot of it is excreted into their poop. I believe the seeds are curdled milk. After the first few months, absorption improves, making their poo thicker and less frequent.

    All I can say about the appearance of poop as they get older is ... watch out! It gets mighty interesting! My girl has had everything from bright orange, lumpy and pasty to cooked spinach looking poos. At 7.5 months and still EBF with no solids yet her usual poop looks like mashed sweet potatoes in color and consistancy. Can't wait for the excitement of solids being added and what treasures we'll find in her nappy then!

    Dr. Jay Gordon's web site says:

    "Light yellow to bright green, loose/runny, curdy, lumpy, seedy, creamy, mustard-like ...
    These are normal breastfed stools. The consistency, frequency and color vary from day to day. My wife described the smell as "curried yogurt". Opinions on this odor description differ widely."

    The seedy or grainy poos are listed under the transitional poos for newborns.

    I haven't seen a seedy poop since our DD was 2 or 3 months old I think.

    Hope that is what you were looking for!
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    I was going to post the same thing about the seeds. From what I understand, they are the milk solids that are coagulating in LO's digestive tract.

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