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Thread: Update!! and ?

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    Default Update!! and ?

    I am so a diffrent person now! I was so frustrated not able to get much milk out only a few drops. I was about ready to give up. We tryed the dom and I fell in love. When i started we only got a few drops with the dom just like i was getting with the herbs. I took the dom for 4 days and pumped every 2 hrs and didnt notice any changes. My poor breasts were so sore so i stoped. 2 days later I said to myself. I cant give up i have 2 boxes of this stuff and need to give it one more try so i pumped that morning and got more than a few drops. I said hey im doing pretty good. That day I got 1/4 teaspoon total all day. {Put it in the fridge for tomarrows} The next day in the am i pump and get 1/4 teaspoon right off the bat. I was excited, i gave it to alexis in a syringe with the day befores amount. It has been increasing like that all week. this weekend i didnt pump like i was suposta maybe 3 times a day. we were on vacation but i am now up to about 1/2 ounce at a time. I am hoping that by pumping reguallary this week i can get up at least a ounce at a time.
    I am so excited. I just wanted to share my sucess and to think i was going to give up.
    1/2 oz may not seem like a lot but when i started with a drop I feel like i am on top of the world.

    I couldnt have done it without you all!!!!

    NOW FOR MY ?

    How can i get my 18 mo old back to the breast?
    She hasent nursed in about 5 mo.
    Any ideas from Adoptive Moms?
    Any advice would be helpfull

    Thanks in Advance!!!
    Kristina Jeremiah since 2-18-1998
    Mother to
    Gavin 1-03 Nursed 2.5mo
    Keean 5-04 BCLP
    Alexis 12-06 Nursed 12mo THEN
    Relactated after 5mo(due to her dairy intol.) and ended up making 30oz a day
    Now we are Weaned! AGAIN!
    Kason 6-2-10
    Birth..8 lbs 5.9 oz
    4 wks.... 10 lbs 12 oz
    9 wks.... 13 lbs 14 oz
    15wks... 16 lbs 4 oz
    17wks... 17 lbs 2 oz
    6 mo..... 19 lbs 6 oz
    7 mo .....20 lbs 3 oz

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    Default Re: Update!! and ?

    wow thats wonderful news.
    KEep trying!

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