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Thread: can i produce milk again?

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    Default can i produce milk again?

    i have a 10 week old daughter who is on formula. she has severe g.e.r.d. i have always believed breastfeeding is the ONLY way to go, but after delivery my milk never came in. i tried everything i could. after 9 days of her screaming day and night and me just not producing barely ANYTHING i turned to formula. she is and has been on nutramigen since her 9th day of life. i recently met with a lactation consultant and she was advocating breastfeeding. it got me thinking, and the last few days i have been SO torn on what to do. i WANT to breastfeed my daughter more than anything. my breast are completely dry but she told me that if i really want to that i can. she recommended fenugreek tablets along with mothers milk tea and a manual pump. im curious, is this REALLY going to work? will my body make milk even though theres nothing in my breasts what-so-ever? ill do anything at this point to get my baby back on my breast.

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    Yes indeed it can be done There is a whole secton of the forums dedicated to just this very thing. See more here

    Good luck to you!!!
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    Yes, it's totally possible. You mention that the LC recommended a manual pump. Most mothers find better results with a hospital-grade double pump. number3 posted a good link for you, lots of info there.
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    you can do it!
    I agree about the pump.

    heres some more info


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