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Thread: How much solids is enough??

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    Default How much solids is enough??


    My daughter is 6 1/2 mnths old and I started her on rice cereal 2 weeks ago, and started her on carrots 5 days ago. Before that, I exclusively breastfeed and am having a hard time figuring out HOW MUCH solid food she needs?? I am feeding her rice cereal in the morning, and veggies in the afternoon, then I nurse her right after, but unsure if 1 TBSP of cereal is enough per day? I've been meaning to call my pediatrician, but just happened to log on this website first.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: How much solids is enough??

    I think the important thing is not to stress about it. Solids during the first year are mostly for play and experimenting. Breast milk should still be the main source of nutrition until 12 months. LLL's site has a great resource about starting solids here:

    First foods for babies

    They recommend, "Start with tiny amounts of food – about a quarter of a teaspoon once a day. Gradually increase the amount of food and the frequency of feeding to satisfy your baby's hunger and interest."

    And this source is more specific with guidelines, while still stressing the importance of solid foods not replacing nursing sessions:

    How often and how much?

    LLL and other experts also emphasize you should always nurse before offering solids.

    Should I offer solids before or after nursing?

    Have fun and good luck!

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    Default Re: How much solids is enough??

    ITA with the pp. 1 tablespoon of solids is plenty, and always be sure to nurse before offering solids so baby fills up on the good stuff. Solids should just be a little extra afterwards.

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