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Thread: Overeater?

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    Question Overeater?

    LO (3 1/2 months) is a major spitter! I've never seen a baby spit up so much so, naturally I was worried about reflux. When we went to the Dr. last Friday I asked him about it. LO doesn't act upset when he spits up or act uncomfortable while nursing. He is now in the 50% percentile. So the Dr. said LO is just an overeater! He never nurses longer than 10 min. (pops off or falls asleep), but is ready to nurse again... well whenever he gets near me. We have always nursed on demand (my LC said you can't nurse too much, the baby knows when he's full). So, should I let him continue to nurse whenever and as long as he wants or try and nurse for only a certain amount of time (to prevent overeating)? He is gaining weight great so thats really not an issue. thanks for the advice!
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    Check out this link: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/reflux.html#normal There are some other possibilities besides reflux. HTH.
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    Maybe you have an over active letdown, when the mom has OALT that means the baby ends up swolloing lots of air hence these air bubbles makes him spit up more than often. Or you have an oversupply, if you do, then try to nurse him from one side and dont switch sides until he empties the breast as much as possible, drinking foremilk more than the hindmilk which is the fatty content of the breast makes the baby more prone to spitting up and it digests fast due to the lack of the fatty component in his nursing session.


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