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Thread: HELP! solids to early

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    Default HELP! solids to early

    My FIL has recently been giving my son (3 1/2 months) "tastes" of food. At dinner Monday I looked over and he is putting whip cream in LO mouth and last night I snatched LO away right before FIL let him "taste" shrimp!!! I have made it very clear that we want LO to only have breastmilk until at least 6 months. FIL is just not getting it! What do I do? Anyone know of statistics or something I could print out to show him further why LO only needs BM?
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    I am sure that there are TONS of statistics out there, but additionally, your FIL needs to know that he could be creating a LIFE_THREATENING situation by introducing your lo to major allergens like that. Dairy is the #1 food allergy in babies (whipped cream) and if he gave lo shrimp, the reaction could be anaphylaxis. I dont want to be alarming, but tell him he really could be risking lo's life by playfully introducing foods like that.
    You are definitely right when you tell him that lo only needs bm till at least 6 mos. visit askdrsears.com and kellymom.com for more details on waiting to introduce solids.
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    Introducing solids too early can be dangerous. It puts infants at a higher risk of allergies. In addition, introducing lots of new foods at once can make pinpointing any allergic reaction very hard.

    Here's some LLLI pages on solids: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/firstfoods.html and http://www.llli.org/FAQ/solids.html

    These links are not LLL links, but from the World Health Organization about solids. http://www.who.int/nutrition/publica.../en/index.html Scroll down to Complementary feeding: family foods for breastfed children
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    You have been given some great links for information to give your FIL...but I have to be honest...if he won't respect your stated wishes I'm not sure how much good the facts are going to do. Is your relationship with him good otherwise? Because it sounds like he making a power play to demonstrate to you that you "can't make him" respect the decisions you make for your LO.

    I don't know what your situation is, but I would make it clear that your FIL's contact with your little one will become dramatically limited if he doesn't respect your wishes. If you must share meals, have your LO sit in your lap or between your and your DH (or someone else you trust not to share food with him). Hopefully when your FIL understands how serious you are about the health and safety of your child, he will restrict his behavior in order not to have his access limited.

    Good luck and I hope things improve for you!
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    get a sling and then keep baby close
    thats what worked for my mil..

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