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Thread: Won't take bottle

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    Default Won't take bottle

    My dd is 10 weeks old. We have been trying to give her a bottle for 2 weeks, 3 or 4 times. We have tried Avent and the old Medela nipples. She hates plastic. No binkies and I have tried a nipple shield early on when she could not latch due to engorgement and she would just scream.

    I have to go back to work in 8 weeks. I don't mind doing sippy cup at that time. I would love her to take a bottle before that though. I would love any advice!!
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    I don't have too much personal experience with this, but one thing I've read that helps is to make sure YOU are nowhere nearby when she's offered the bottle. At 10 weeks she's old enough to know that she prefers getting her milk from the tap

    Good luck and I am sure things will work out!
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    Like the previous poster said, infants often won't take a bottle when they know mother is around. They have this sense about it!

    This FAQ has some good ideas on helping baby to take a bottle. http://www.llli.org/FAQ/bottle.html
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    Default Re: Won't take bottle

    Someone here once mentioned that daycares often try giving the milk in the bottle cold, and that that convinces some. There's no reason they need to take a bottle, though, so if a sippy cup is working, don't fight it!
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    have you tried silicon and latex. My daughter will only take latex. They actually told me at the ICN that this may happen.

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    I went through this with my dd2. She is also anti plastic (no bottles or paci's... she's a thumb sucker!) I'm a SAHM, so the bottle issue wasn't pressing until about a month ago when I had to be away from my lo all day! My husband had the baby for the entire day. Since I had been pumping since day 1, we had a ton of ebm for her to drink. He said she cried for most of the morning because she kept refusing the bottle, but finally around lunchtime she took the bottle! By the time I got home at 4, she was a pro... now she still won't take a bottle when I'm around, but I know that if I have to be away from her, when she gets hungry enough she'll eat.
    We had tried every kind of bottle out there! It doesn't seem to matter to our lo.
    Good luck! I'm sure that even if your lo won't take a bottle with you around, once she realizes that "on tap" isn't an option, she will drink when hungry!
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    Default Re: Won't take bottle

    My LO did the same thing. We tried numerous bottles and nipple flows with no success. The day I took him to daycare, I left three different bottles, breastmilk, and formula fearing he would starve, but he took the bottle for her just fine. I was shocked. I think you have to be out of the area...sight, sound and smell.

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    My lo won't take the bottle if I'm anywhere near... if he can smell me, hear me, see me... etc. Also, he won't take any other bottle except "Breast Flow". We found ours at BabiesRUs... although I'm sure you can find them elsewhere. I like them because he has never had a problem going back onto my breast after bottle, and my dh likes them because when he is feeding our ds the milk slowly will drip out into ds mouth just like from my breast when it's full.... basically it simulates a woman's breast... we love them! Good luck!

    Oh P.S. our ds is 6 mos old and within the past month he has been avoiding the bottle while I'm at work and my dh is trying to feed him. When he gets hungry enough he'll eventually take it.

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