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Thread: returning to work and refusing bottle...please help

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    Default returning to work and refusing bottle...please help

    My baby is 5 mos 3 wks old. He has always taken a bottle just fine, no problems. For a while, we gave him a bottle once a day and I pumped while my dh fed him. As recent as one month ago, he ate from a bottle. Two weeks ago,he refused to eat from a bottle two different times. He also had two teeth coming through on the bottom at the same time, so we attributed it to that. Now I am going to work tomorrow and he is refusing to take a bottle. I don't know if other teeth are coming through or if he only wants to eat from me or if he doesn't like the bottle/nipple. We are using the same bottles that he gladly ate from before. My dh is trying to feed him with me out of the room. All he does is scream when he tries. Any suggestions? I am having a hard enough time with going back to work and leaving him for the first time. Now I'm worried he won't eat all day. Please help. We're desperate for any suggestions.


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    Default Re: returning to work and refusing bottle...please help

    We were in the same situation when I returned to work on a part-time basis. She had a hard time making the bottle transition at daycare because she would be home with me for 5 straight days and nursing and then go to daycare for 2 days and only get a bottle. It seemed like she lacked the consistency to catch onto it.

    So, the first month or so was tought for DD and our daycare provider because my babe didn't want the bottle. Truly, some days she consumed only about 8 oz in 10 hours after a lot of trying from my daycare provider. But, your babe is not going to starve....he knows how to do it. DD figured it out after a while that daycare days meant bottle days and she's been doing just great. I bet your son will too after a short time.

    It is so hard to sit at work and wonder whether your baby is hungry and upset, but he is likely to catch on quickly and start taking the bottle again.

    Best wishes on your return to work!

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    Default Re: returning to work and refusing bottle...please help

    Oh, how difficult. Please know that we're all sending you positive thoughts and energy!

    I agree with mama2girls, your DS won't starve. When he is hungry, he'll eat. At first it may not be as often as he does when bf, but he will.

    The only suggestions I have is to try other ways of getting the bm into him. Has he ever tried a sippy cup? Advent has great ones that have a soft nipple, more like a bottle, rather than the hard plastic top. Or even a sippy cup with a straw? That has been my DD's cup of choice. Now she won't even do the regular sippy cup.

    The other thing that occurs to me is that your DS is probably very intuitive. He knows you're still around when your DH is trying to give him the bottle. He's a smart boy and wants the real thing. Plus he probably senses your anxiety about going back to work. It is completely normal - both your anxiety and his intuition! Maybe let him see you leave the house - even if you're just sitting on the front steps. Although it occurs to me that you're probably headed to work tomorrow. So you actually will be out of the house when he is offered the bottle. But maybe try some sort of sippy cup.

    I know how hard it can be to go back to work. You're such a great mom and your DS and you will come through this just fine. Keep us posted.

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