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Thread: Milk? Won't drink it!!

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    Thanks! That makes me feel better!

    Now, if only someone could suggest how I could "hide" the month's worth of EBM I have in the freezer in my son's food so it won't go to waste...

    I worked so hard to build up a stash thinking I'd use it as I weaned him. Oh well, the best laid plans...

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    Default Re: Milk? Won't drink it!!

    Like pp's said, I would just make sure lo is getting yogurt, cheeses and so on to get the vitamins needed.

    You also said your lo is down to 3 times a day and once at night. Are you sure he is weaning? My lo is about 3 times a day as well, but not weaning. Does that make sense?
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    Yeah that on PPs. Your kid can just drink water and be fine. Cow's milk is not normally drunk in many other cultures than ours.

    As far as using up the EBM stash -- why not cook with it? Or use it to make smoothies? You can use it just like any other milk in food prep. Pour it on oatmeal, use it to make cream of carrot soup... It's good for the whole family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*yee-haw View Post
    Like pp's said, I would just make sure lo is getting yogurt, cheeses and so on to get the vitamins needed.
    Just wanted to chime in and say if those aren't liked/ or aren't options (like with our dairy allergy), there are other ways to get the needed things.... DId I already link to that info?
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