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    We have definitely endured some changes in the last week or so and therefore I am having dificulty pin pointing the problem. I have been dealing with OS and OALD for the duration of our BFing relationship. Its really frustrating. We both end up bathed in milk after a feeding if we are not nursing side lying Not to mention it makes BFing in public a real challenge. Anyway, I started menstrating 11 weeks pp!!! I was so afraid my supply was going to decrease that I started pumping in between feedings and stopped blockfeeding. My supply has definitely decreased and I don't block feed anymore, no telling what is going to happen in the next week or so, but I am not stuggling with OS like I was before. I did feel like there were a few hours where I barely had any milk So along with a slight decrease in supply, my LO woke up very congested on a few days ago. Could this be her first cold? No fever. She seems to be getting better, still a little congested. She had a rough time nursing, I thoght from the congestion. She actually refused to nurse almost for a full day (other than at night) and would just scream at the breast every time I tried. I felt so bad. Now the last few days she has been doing a lot of pulling and acting fussy at the breast in the afternoon. My Local LLL thought she may be teething??? Could this be at the start of 3 months? What can I do to help her through? I heard something about highlands tablets...what are these exactly? She has been drooling a lot and sucks her thumb and hand like crazy. I try to offer the breast when she wants to suck a lot but she refuses and it just sets her into a crying frenzy. Is this normal behavior while teething? Today when she refused the breast I offered my pinky instead and she loved that!
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    Hi there,
    I believe 3 months is around the time when your milk supply begins to regulate itself to match up with your baby's demand, so it's possible your supply has just adjusted to where it needs to be, and isn't necessarily "low." Here's a link about supply questions. Supply is typically lower during the evening hours and highest very early in the morning - when were you feeling as though you didn't have much milk?

    Here's another link about fussing at the breast. I know that when DD was 3 months and she started fussing at the breast, it was because my OALD and OS had resolved itself and she was used to the faster milk flow. Eventually she adjusted, too.

    As for the drooling, sucking hands, etc., my LO started doing that around 3 months and still does. No teeth yet! Eventually everything will find its way into the mouth.

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    Saline drops and suction for congestion. Do it just before nursing to open the airway. A cool mist humidifier helps too.

    My girls both have colds right now and it's a pain. Usually lasts 7-10 days.

    Teething for us began pretty early on and they both got their first teeth at 4 months, but from what I hear that's pretty early.
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    have you talked again to your local leader?
    she could help you sort things out...
    Lots of moms have bleeding around that time and then no more.
    its called something tenical but for the life of me I can never remember what its called. IF anybody knows feal free to share.

    I need to look it up and make a post-it note for my computer..lol...

    babies too sometimes will just have a fuss day.
    lots of skin to skin contact can help with getting them back to the breast.

    How are your nipples fealing?
    There are lots of things that can cause the baby to refuse the breast and it can be simple like you just smell funny.
    lots of times you don't figure out what happened
    do you give bottles?

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